La ferme de Jean

Our grandparents and great-grandparents ran this modest farm and lived there from their products.
It no longer works as such, but the memories attached to it make it precious and special to our hearts. We love to stay there and have decided to give it a life; that of a vacation home.
It remains an authentic place where it is good to relax and enjoy the moment.

In the old days

The hamlet was comprised of four farms, the biggest being this Ferme with its ten hectares of land, ten cows, ten pigs, and two workhorses.
Sights and sounds–farmers coming and going, country folk calling out to each other, children hollering, laugher resounding: life overflowed with energy.
Each day, herds of cows crossed the Ferme courtyard to enter their respective stables, as pigs grunted in their pens and farmers harnessed horses to plow their land. The women, after having washed laundry in the river, joined the farmers, kerchiefs tied around their heads as hats and lunch baskets in hand, while children played hide and seek behind the haystacks. Sharing, solidarity, and celebration. All was experienced, together.
Then silence suffocated the life of the small hamlet.  Years later,  we decided to give a new life to the family farm by transforming it into this beautiful place to relax.
We named it La Ferme de Jean in memory of and to honor our dear Jeans. Article – The farm – Région du Menée


An authentic place where it’s easy to relax and enjoy the moment