Scenes from the past

A winter day at the farm

Winter is here, notices Jean, beret pulled over his ears. He watches is fields. White as far as the eye can see. It snowed all night and the snow is holding. He doesn’t like this season; he much prefers the spring or summer when he can work outside. It’s hard but at least you can see the job done.

The harvests have been good and the cereals are gathered. The animals will not starve this year.

This morning he will have to take Fanny to the blacksmith. She limps; her shoes are worn out and it is high time to remake them. As the forge is in the village, he will take the opportunity to discuss with his acquaintances, at the bar next door. This is how news spreads.

He will then have to repair the cart. The axle is broken. He has the habit. In the winter, he turns into a handyman! Eugenie asks him for wicker baskets. Her baskets are damaged and she needs more to put eggs and vegetables in. He will give them to her as soon as he has a moment because she is going to claim them from him until that is done.

Jean chews his quid. He keeps it in his mouth for a long time before spitting it out. It has become mechanical. And tobacco gives him courage.

During this time, Eugenie milks the cows. They have fifteen cows. It’s her job, morning and night. Fortunately, the boys are helping her. Finally, if they could do without, they wouldn’t hesitate! Jean-Marie and Roger have just left for school and the milking is not quite over.

Like every morning, the milkman will collect the two large vats of milk from the day before.

Then she will have to feed the animals because in winter they do not go out, they stay warm.

Eugenie is excited, this afternoon the grocery truck will pass. She will be able to exchange her two kilos of butter and her eighteen eggs for coffee, sugar and chicory. The flour was delivered to them yesterday. She will meet her neighbors there and it’s always a bit of a party at the foot of the truck.

She then intends to go back to her spinning wheel to finish the skeins of wool and give them to her mother-in-law; Eugenie does not like to knit, on the other hand, her mother-in-law does wonders!! She is sure that Jean-Marie and Roger will soon have nice warm sweaters, and she, a soft shawl.

She will also have to prepare meals; for lunch, yesterday’s pot-au-feu will be perfect and tonight some bacon soup will do.

How about a roasted chestnut evening? she asks herself; everyone loves it and we would keep warm around the fireplace. Jean will perhaps take the opportunity to make my wicker baskets? in any case, there is what it takes in herbs and brambles to make a certain number of them … I made sure of it!

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