Dream seeds


Once upon a time there was a naughty little witch named Laiderona. Rejected from her family for mysterious reasons, this little witch felt so ugly that she couldn’t stand the sight of other little girls. This made her angry.

She had decided that to take revenge for their beauty, she would choose a little girl every evening to cut her hair.

Faithful to her promise, at nightfall and equipped with her long scissors, she crept to the bedside of her future prey, who was sound asleep and she savagely cut her hair to make her as ugly as possible.

His little victims never woke up, sometimes they stirred in their sleep but remained immersed in their dreams.

Silent and efficient, Laiderona collected the locks and curls that littered the ground and buried them in her bag. Proud of her trophy, she crouched under the bed to wait until morning for her victim to wake up and take full advantage of her revenge when the little girl began to scream in shock and horror.

But one day, or rather one night, while she was preparing to cut the long blond hair of a pretty little girl, the girl suddenly sat down on her bed.

-Who are you? she asked her

Laiderona, surprised, jumped violently and did not have time to disappear.

-I, I, … Nobody, she stammered

-Yes, you are someone since I see you and I don’t sleep, insisted the little girl whose name was Claire.

Laiderona panicked. It was the first time this had happened to her. She was trapped because she could not disappear in front of a witness. Hesitantly, she chose to sit on the edge of the bed and wait.

-What do you do with scissors? asked Claire

 Laiderona remained silent.

-Have you lost your language? Claire continued. Claire was a very alert little girl, who didn’t have her tongue in her pocket and who wasn’t afraid of anything.

Laiderona sighed and decided to confess.

– I cut hair, 

– were you going to cut my hair, asked Claire,

Laiderona sighed and decided to confess: “Yes.”

-But why? I don’t even know you! Said Claire, indignant

Laiderona hesitated.

-Because you are very beautiful and I am ugly.

-I don’t see the connection, replied Claire, widening her eyes.

Laiderona froze further on the edge of the bed.

-And what is your name? continued Claire, curious

– “Laiderona”

-It’s a horrible name, I’ve never heard anything so ugly, you should change it, cried Claire

Laiderona sighed,

-I know: but it’s my name and I’m an ugly person

-Your story is a bit strange, remarked Claire, what I see is a strange creature driven by bad intentions with monstrous scissors and what I don’t understand is why you cut people’s hair …

Laiderona remained silent; she let her scissors slide to the floor. All desire for revenge had left her. She felt a little ridiculous there, conversing with a witty little girl. And it was true: why was she doing this? The little girls would become pretty again and she, on the other hand, would not change and would continue to sow terror.

-I have an idea, Claire intervened abruptly. Let’s look for a new first name because you can’t continue to use this one. It hurts the ears. What would you like?

Laiderona felt like a thrill in her soul.

 -I don’t know, she replied softly.

-Why not “Celeste”? Claire suggested. In addition, by changing your first name, you could change your activity…and above all stop cutting hair?!

Laiderona was upset. This little girl was right. This hair carnage had to stop and all the little girls could sleep in peace.

-Céleste, Céleste, Céleste she murmured with delight, the music of this name enchanted her. Thank you. she replied.

-It suits you well, Claire confirmed. And now, no more haircuts, right?! instead, what will you do?

Laiderona/Céleste remained thoughtful, then, making a decision declared:

-I will make sure that little girls sleep well by humming a secret melody to them and offering them a flower in homage to their beauty.

-Excellent idea exclaimed Claire, yawning. Could you sing me a little tune, just to see if you are capable of carrying out your new duties successfully?

Céleste immediately hummed a melody so captivating that Claire, barely laying her head on the pillow, fell asleep with a smile on her lips.

Celeste disappeared from the room in a powdery cloud. She had left a beautiful white daisy on Claire’s bedside.

A new little fairy witch was born.

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